VeloPigs Wednesday Night Gravel Rides


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Fireman's Field
250 S. Nursery Ave., Purcellville, VA, 20132

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VeloPigs Wednesday Night Gravel Rides

We are very excited to introduce VeloPigs Wednesday Night Gravel Rides!
WHERE: Fireman’s Field, Purcellville.
WHEN: 6 pm, every Wednesday.
ROUTE: See below.
Like our Saturday club ride, all riders are welcome! However, unlike our Saturday ride, this is NOT a no-drop ride. The ride will follow the same route(s) each week and continue with or without ride leaders.
Riders are expected to be able to self-navigate and have everything they need to handle mechanicals. SAG support is not available. Helmets and rear lights are REQUIRED. A front light is strongly recommended. Riders must follow all rules of the road. Running stop signs or riding on the wrong side of the yellow line WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
The standard route completes two laps (slightly different the second time), but we are also offering a shorter single-lap option. The ride is NEUTRAL until Ward Hill and becomes neutral again at the stop sign at Chappelle Hill and Hughesville Roads.
Before the ride, sign the VeloPigs’ 2024 Annual Release of Liability. To sign, visit (under the “Our Rides” tab). No sign = no ride.
Please ride safely and model good cycling practices to the local community. All riders should have basic cycling skills and fitness to complete the route on loose and uneven gravel road surfaces. Have fun!


Please download one or both routes to your Garmin, Wahoo, or cell phone and ride the route that is appropriate for your physical abilities.
To learn more about VeloPigs, the ride groups, and much more, visit
Notice: The VeloPigs’ routes follow public roads, both improved and unimproved (gravel/dirt), bike trails, and public facilities upon which the hazards of traveling are to be expected (including but not limited to moving vehicles, loose soil, and rocks, potholes, pedestrians, animals, broken asphalt, water, and debris). Please be safe, and ignore or only respond to any unfriendly motorists with a smile and a nice wave.